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A Basic Paramedical Insurance Exam
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A basic Paramedical exam is conducted at the prospective clients choice of location home, office, or their agent's office. The average exam takes up to 30 minutes for an average policy and up to 45 minutes for a more elaborate policy. Each individual Insurance underwriter according to the Value of the policy, the amount applying for, the age, and the health of the applicant predetermine all exam requirements.

Insurance exam forms which consist of a series of health questions to determine how healthy you are by providing the examiner with names and addresses of your personal physicians, hospital visit(s), illness, surgery and if you are taking any medications.

Vitals: Blood pressures, Height, Weight, Pulse are taken as a part of the exam. Chest and abdominal measurements are taken only for males based on the insurance company.

The examiner will draw 2 vials of blood (red top, purple top), which is less than one ounce. There are two different types of needles that are used in this process depending on each individual. The standard needle is for good strong veins and butterfly is used for very small weak veins. All samples are forwarded to the laboratory for testing. Some insurance companies provide the results, others you may have to request them.

Urine Sample
A urine specimen is collected in a urine cup then poured into 2 vials, which is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results are forwarded to the insurance company.

An EKG test is used to determine the condition of your heart by placing electrodes on several places on your body. Then attaching each lead to each electrode and running a 12 lead EKG. It is then printed out and sent with your paperwork to the home office.

Oral Swab
A simple test that is used by rubbing the cotton part of a stick on your gums and inner cheek for several times, held for 4 minutes, then taken out. It is used to test for HIV. Results are never given to the agent or the insurance company.

Chest X-rays Test
Health Exam Professionals has affiliations with many clinics and hospitals that provide professional X-ray and radiology services.

Treadmill EKG/Stress Test
This test is not provided on a mobile basis. We will set up an appointment for you at a locally approved hospital or clinic. This test monitors the heart while a person in either walking or running on a treadmill.

Physician Medical Exams
When a physician exam is required, Labs Today has access to a nationwide team of Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians. (Mobile services available in some areas.)

Other services include;
Health fairs, background checks, DNA paternity testing, blood draws for medical test, paramedical exams, TB skin test & flu shots. We also offer training for those clients who do their own testing.