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Phlebotomy & EKG Services Tech Services to facilities such as:
Private and Public Businesses, Home Draws, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Out –Patient Clinics, Health Fairs, Hospitals, Patient Service Centers, Clinical Laboratories,

Labs Today will schedule your "routine" phlebotomy draws and dispatch phlebotomists to collect your "stat" specimens.

Mobile Phlebotomy Service

Our mobile laboratory service is available for individuals, doctors, medical laboratories, skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, and medical research projects. We collect and transport all types of specimens that a doctor or healthcare provider may request and use for diagnosis and treatment. Whether you need a blood sample taken or a stool specimen tested, we can give you the help you need from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We process the specimen according to the specific specimen requirements, package, and send the specimens to your lab for testing, or if local, we will deliver the specimens directly to your lab according to your instructions. So you don't have to leave the home. Our highly skilled, certified phlebotomy technicians (techs) come to your location and provide mobile lab services ordered by your physician or health care provider. Services provided but not limited to:

• Stat Draws
• Routine blood collection
• Critical Timed Sensitive Draws
• Fasting Required Tests
• Timed Antibiotic Testing
• Cancer Screening
• Thyroid Testing
• Cholesterol Testing
• Glucose Level Testing
• Medication Level Testing
• Take/Ship blood specimen to its designated laboratory
• Specimen pick up and delivery services
• Temporary Phlebotomist placement for labs and doctor's offices

Courier service
In addition, Labs Today also offers a courier service in conjunction with its phlebotomy service to deliver stat and routine specimens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.